"Exercise not only makes you physically fit but it also improves your mental health and general sense of well-being."

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Why Crossxfit Fitness & Gym ?

Getting fit is not just about running on a treadmill for hours in your local gym, it can be combination of different activities combined together. It could be a group Or team activity viz:

Functional Training For All 6 Days

Hi-Intensity Yoga

It is a dynamic, fitness based derivation of yoga that is closely modeled on Ashtanga yoga when practiced regularly & under supervision helps your body achieves stability, balance, posture and tone. It is fast paced workout on and could be practiced by anyone who enjoys exercising. It is focused on Flexibility and Agility.

Aerobic Activity

Rhythmic exercise done to the beat of music to improve the cardiovascular system & burn fat.

Boot Camp

Intense military style exercise that help to increase metabolism, lose weight, burn fat increase cardio vascular efficacy & also increase strength.

Traditional Yoga

Activity to correct and regulate all systems of the body. Helps achieve stability, balance & posture.


Functional strength training exercises to tone and strengthen muscles and the core.

Cardio Activity

Intense own body weight exercises that burn calories and also improves agility.

Yoga Classes

Only Yoga with meditation and Breathing exercises under instructions of Professional trainer.

3 days a week 2 batches

Timings & Batches
1st Batch - (Mon,Wed & Fri)
2nd Batch - (Tues, Thrus & Sat)