The Place for Every Age

Bloomingdale Cubs is preschool which provides a bridge between home and the completely different world of preschool school. Kids will be benefitted by exploring, experimenting and discovering, and from having the opportunity to develop socially and intellectually. Kids will learn to become independent and accept discipline from a source outside the home. Usually most children at this age are not too good at interacting with others as they are self-centered but its not their fault and soon this nature will be replaced by empathy and such other feelings. This would be the perfect place for such an introduction.

Bloomingdale Academy is into co-curricular activities centre wherein we give the child an edge over others by giving exposure and brighten in his/her talents. To nuture a child’s potential and the role of art in education.

Bloomingdale Cubs and Bloomingdale Academy is the perfect place pre-schoolers, all grade schoolers and their families. The place is set under one roof with plenty of greenery and plenty of shade for those sunny days. There is enough space for tired parents and grandparents for waiting for the kids to come from class.

Crossxfit Fitness & Gym and Yoga Classes All of us needs to take control of our lives today for a healthier tomorrow. Though no one can go back, anyone can start now as your health is in your hands. Exercise not only makes you physically fit but it also improves your mental health and general sense of well-being Getting fit is not just about running on a treadmill for hours in your local gym, it can be a combination of different activities combined together. Exercise can be fun!

We also are having Tradional Yoga Classes for the Yoga lovers thrice a week sessions.

Our activities under one roof offers education, co-curricular activities classes, functional crossfit gym and yoga classes a place for the whole family in a safe, comfortable environment.